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Event Management

Event management is the process of planning and hosting various types of events for social or business purposes. Event managers are responsible for creating and executing the event concept, coordinating the technical and logistical aspects, and ensuring the event meets the client's goals and expectations.

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Contactless VCards

Contactless VCards are digital business cards that can be shared with anyone using NFC or QR code technology. Contactless VCards allow users to transmit their contact information, social media profiles, website links, and other relevant data to potential clients or partners without the need for physical cards.

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Fleet Management

Fleet management is the process of managing a group of vehicles that are used to transport goods or people. It helps businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs and ensure compliance with regulations. Fleet management can be done by using software, hardware, staff or a combination of these.

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Training is the act of acquiring or imparting new skills or knowledge for various goals. Training can be done online or offline, and can cover different topics and levels. Training helps individuals and organizations improve their performance and achieve their objectives.

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